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About Us

Aziz Alaoui

Pioneer company

Argan 3 was initially called L'Arganier de Quebéc, and was founded in Montreal in 1998. The company was reknown for importing and exporting argan oil and argan oil products in Canada.

Argan 3 is a pioneer in the distribution of virgin argan oil from Morocco, where argan oil is part of the national heritage and the location of the world's argan forests.

Argan 3's distribution network includes cosmetology laboratories, health food distributors, beauty and aesthetic suppliers, delicatessens, health food stores and gourmets throughout North America.

The company is administered by Aziz Alaoui, a native Moroccan and resident of Canada since 1967. Aziz Alaoui graduated from both Université du Québec à Montréal and Université de Montréal. He also worked as a journalist and a business advisor.

With regards to his community oriented activities, he donated his time as Administrator and Vice-President of PABEMSOM (Parents and friends of the mental health assocaition of Montreal South West district). Member of Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal and the Forum for Moroccan-Canadian Professionals



Client's Comments

 Thierry Gras Chouteau, Montréal (Québec)

Pour toute personne se battant avec l’acné depuis des années, cette huile d’argan fera des merveilles pour votre peau.

Il m’a suffi d’en mettre deux fois par jour sur les zones affectées, et en moins d’une semaine j’ai vu des progrès remarquables au niveau de l’apparence et de la texture de ma peau


Lucie Douville, Cap-Rouge, Quebec

Hello Aziz

It's been a several days since I have wanted to write to share with you what I experienced in relation to my mother and your argan oil.

On December 24, my mother was admitted to the Quebec Maison Michel Sarrazin, a company specializing in supporting people at the end of life. With my two sisters, we accompanied Mom: December 24 to January 5, the day she left us.

In this last stage of his life, mom could not eat or she drink anymore. So in a short time, she was dehydrated. Her lips became dry and even cracked. We were given a cream to put on her lips, but the situation did not improve. So I had the idea to take my argan oil to apply several times a day on mom's damaged lips. It was magical. In just 24 hours, we saw the results. We continued to apply the oil daily, and she did not have any further problems until the very end.

So there! Bravo for your oil ... ? 

January 29th 2013 


Elena Akifieva, Siberia, Russia

Je tiens à dire de bons mots à l'adresse d'un produit admirable – l'huile d'argan A1. J'utilise ce produit depuis 3 semaines seulement et les résultats sont déjà considérables. La peau du visage est devenue veloutée et douce. Les menues rides ont disparu. Au printemps, on veut toujours être belle. L'huile donne de beaux résultats. J'ai jeté toutes mes crèmes de beauté et j’ai commencé à utiliser seulement l'huile d'argan. Maintenant c'est mon produit préféré.


Lucie Chenette, Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec

Merci Aziz Alaoui, merci ARGAN3 pour vos excellents produits Argan alimentaires et cosmétiques et pour la courtoisie de vos services. Je suis une cliente satisfaite.


Christina Wurch, Beethoven's Veranda, New York

Dear Aziz. It is not only a pleasure doing business with you, I also feel that you are a very special soul and you have a good heart.


Marie E. Struthers, Ontario

Using circular motions, I massage the argan oil into my skin. I use it on eczema patches a couple of times a day and it stops the itch. Once a week, I use it as an oil treatment for my hair and my hair is soft, shiny and thicker.

My homeopath tells people to make a paste of avocado, one egg yolk and 7-8 drops of argan oil  and leave it on hair for thirty minutes. She also advises patients to massage a couple of drops of oil on their scalps to prevent hair loss.


Rumiko Minowa / Tokyo Japan japan-flag.png

Merci beaucoup for the Argan oil and soap. 20 years ago, when I first heard about Argan Oil, no one knew of the of the wonderful product and I searched everywhere until I found your company. Now, every cosmetic company is including Argan Oil in their line-up! And everyone knows what a great product is? I look forward to continued success!





Awards and Certifications

Slow Food Award Ecocert Prix Des Huiles Certifie Agriculture Biologique Le Grand Prix Des Trophées De l'exportation