Argan oil secrets

The Argan tree

Moroccan dinner at Toronto Park Hyatt Hotel

Morocco's ambassador to Canada, Nouzha Chekrouni, speaking Monday (03/02/14) in Toronto at a ceremony on the Moroccan gastronomy and culinary arts. In Presence of Honoured Guests Read more

Argan oil, the star of the moment

As published in Chilean´s magazine... Read more

Réseau santé, l'huile d'Argan

Reseau Santé est une emisión de la Télévision de Laval qui aborde des thématiques de santé publique d’intérêt général, avec le concours de tous les acteurs locaux de ce secteur... Read more

The little secrets of Moroccan women

«Moroccan women have used argan oil from the very beginning as a beauty product for its balancing, restructuring and revitalizing qualities. They cover the face and body with the oil to nourish and beautify the skin which then stays smooth, tonic and soft.»*... Read more

Face & Body Care

Moisturizes, hydrates and softens skin. Prevents damage caused by dryness. Alleviates chapping, cracking and roughness due to winter cold. Reduces appearance of wrinkles. Cleanses acne-prone skin and leaves it shiny and radiant. Directions: All seasons use. Apply A1 to... Read more

Hair care

Nourishes and revitalizes hair and scalp. Adds lustrous shine and gives back to hair its natural softness and silkiness. Directions: To give back health and vigor to brittle hair, apply before shampooing to the whole length of hair, wash and rinse. To protect hair... Read more

Nails care

Nourishes and strengthens soft and brittled nails. Protects against damage. Excellent results when best argan oil brands used on your face, hands, feet, hair and even nails. Directions: Wash hands carefully. Soak nails in... Read more

Asparagus salad

20 fresh asparagus spears Juice of one lemon One teaspoon argan oil One teaspoon Dijon mustard... Read more

Roasted pepper salad with tomatoes and preseved lemon

3 red peppers 3 green peppers 6 medium tomatoes 1 bunch of parsley Rind of one... Read more

Ice cream with Amlou

A delicious meal is crowned with a marvellous dessert. Nothing is better than scrumptious ice cream to tickle your taste buds. A real moroccan delight! Preparation is quick and simple and will delight your guests. 400 grams vanilla ice cream... Read more