The little secrets of Moroccan women


«Moroccan women have used argan oil from the very beginning as a beauty product for its balancing, restructuring and revitalizing qualities. They cover the face and body with the oil to nourish and beautify the skin which then stays smooth, tonic and soft.»*

Argan oil is a beauty serum that's 100% natural, organic, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic.

  • This beauty elixir contains about 80% unsaturated essential fatty acids
  • It's very rich in good fats
  • It's very rich in antioxidants and unsaponifiables
  • Argan oil's fatty acids restore the skin and help maintain both tone and elasticity

Argan3 markets this wonderful product in a pure state under the brand name A1 and distributes it to a number of laboratories in Canada and the United States for use in cosmetic products.

Argan oil is pure, fragrance-free, without any colouring or preservatives.

For massaging the face, neck, body, or as a gentle caress...

For daily use, whatever the season; for babies, their mothers and grand-mothers.

Even men will benefit from argan oil's properties.

A fabulous product for beauty care and body health.

It's an elixir of youth and beauty for all.


*DEYDIER, Catherine. Les secrets de beauté des femmes du Maroc, Éditions Plume, Paris 2001. 154 p.

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